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Thread: Power up problems - any ideas?

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    Power up problems - any ideas?

    Ok, here goes:

    When I originally installed everything, I had the power inverter always on - stupid move - I really didn't think that it drew that much juice just sitting there...well, my car sat for about 3 days during spring break...when I went out to go to work that next monday - you guessed it - dead battery...

    With it hooked up this way, All I had to do was turn on the computer...

    WELL, I rewired the inverter to only work when the car is on - this way I figired it would come on when the car was started and I would still have to figure out how to turn the computer on...

    After rewiring, the inverter doesn't come on! It has a switch that has to be cycled, THEN I have to turn the computer on...what gives?

    Another wrinkle is if I shutdown my computer stop the car, then immediatlt start the car, cycle the inverter, the computer will actually turn itself on!...any ideas?

    If I can get the inverter to power with the car, I will be one step closer...then all I have to do is rig a power button for the computer...Can someone help?

    Thanks guys!


    BTW - I am using a 140w Tripp Lite inverter
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    how bout you wire it with a relay in the lead to the positive battery terminal.. then have the relay switched with the ignition signal... when you turn the key, the relay flips on and the juice flows to the inverter.. of would you still have the problem of turning on the inverter... i wonder

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