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Thread: Help a newbie with power issues

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    Help a newbie with power issues

    Hi All,
    I need your help in setting up a carputer in my 99 Toyota Camry.
    I have a toshiba laptop with a Targus ac to dc converter, which I will plug in my cigrette lighter and power the laptop.

    I also saw on the net cigrette lighter splitters found on this website http:

    Now I have the following questions.

    1. Can I plug my laptop and Touchscreen and any other device simultaneously in these cigrette lighter splitters at the same time, without frying my car battery. Can the battery handle all this load?

    2. Also everbody on the forums talks about connecting a 10 amp wire directly to your battery for power. I seached the forum and could not find a picture as to how to do it for a laptop. Do I open the car hood and connect a wire to the battery and some how find a hole which is coming to my dashboard or somewhere in side the car?. Or is there already a battery wire coming inside the car and all I need to do is use it.

    Please help me


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