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Thread: Opus Power Supply Issue

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    Opus Power Supply Issue

    Ok, I have had my carpc for a while now. I recently got the car back from my mechanic and made the mistake of not disconnecting the setup beforehand. I got the car back and the system would post at all. No BIOS... nothing. Well I switched out the motherboard and tested the system in the car. BIOS loaded but when normally the windows loading screen would come up, my monitor would say over range / no vga signal. I thought ok, its because the new motherboard is f'ing with the current install of windows. I took the carpc inside my house reloaded everything. Everything was kosher. I took the system out to the carpc today, hooked it up, exact same issue. As soon as the loading screen should show the LCD (and the monitor i used in my house) go blank and the system seems to freeze because the opus never turns off after i power the car off.

    Am I trying to draw too much power with the opus? This new motherboard has onboard vga and lan, the other one didnt. However, I had a ati radion 7500 in the old motherboard and have tested this one with just the onboard and still no dice. Any one have any ideas what the issue might be? Faulty PSU from what happened to the first mobo?

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    Anyone? I'm totally stumped here.

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    Whatever damaged the motherboard could have damaged the Opus PSU, as well.
    Have you tried contacting Opus Solutions to get some feedback from them?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    No, I havent tried them. I'll give them a shot. If I have to buy a new one I have to buy a new one. I just need to know that thats the problem.

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