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Thread: need some help troubleshooting

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    need some help troubleshooting

    hi all,

    i'll start it off by saying i'm a complete newbie in the land of really understanding electrical stuff, but i'm learning. the problem is my pc no longer turns on.

    i've had the pc in my car for 2 years...then the psu died. i sent it in, and now received this one back. it's been a bit of a mess in terms of shipping to/from opus and getting the right thing and there was one mistake already so i won't rule out that they may have sent back another bad psu, although that sounds like too much of a coincidence to any case, i want to be able to pinpoint the problem as much as possible before calling them again or sending it back in once again. It's a 150w shuttle psu.


    What should the multimeter read when the leads are connected in various ways to the input power cables for the opus?

    there are 3 wires: 12v battery (red), battery return (black), and switched power (yellow).

    1. With the ignition on: when i put the red lead on switched (yellow wire), and the black lead on return (black wire), the multimeter reads 11.8 or so volts. This is normal, correct?

    2. with the ignition off, should i be getting any readings via any combination of placements of the multimeter leads? (I'm guessing no).

    3. as i've said, my pc is not powering on and i think it's the opus. what can i test and how, via the multimeter, to see how far the current is going? i tapped the internal power cable, but that's no great feat since there's nothing between it and the input but that wire itself. i started looking at the atx psu pinouts (20 pin cable) and imagine there's something i can test there? (just not sure what..ideas?).

    I appreciate any help anyone can give to help me narrow down this problem.


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    first thing you need to do is check the voltage between the red and black wires. It should be ~12vdc at all times. Also, the Opus has a status LED. This should blink every so often when the Opus has power. Check you manual for the exact sequences.
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    agreed your 12v red should be live at all times or it isnt going to work as this is the main supply the yellow is just a trigger.
    If that pans out then disconect the large connector from the mobo bridge pins 14 and 15 together ( I think thats the right pins but check first search for using an ATX supply for 12v or ATX without mobo) power everything on and check your getting voltage between the black (ground) wires and the coloured wires. You should see 12v 5v and 3.3v on the respective colours.
    If that all pans out then depending on how the PSU broke it might have damaged the mobo

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    thanks was that basic. bad fuse on the 12v line, all good now :-)

    thank you!


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