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Thread: Poll: m1-atx or m2-atx

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    m1-atx or m2-atx, which do you use

    which do you use? and how fast is your pc?

    what im trying to get here is seeing if i can run a M1-atx on a via 800mhz

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    You may want to list what other hardware you're planning on using with it. And its the Via EPIA 800? Mini-itx?

    I have an M2, but I also have a P4 processor.

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    unless you're attaching some really crazy stuff to it, (and given how slow an epia 800 is, i don't think attaching much power-hungry stuff would work very well anyway) there's no reason an M1-ATX wouldn't be enough for it. the epias (the 800 especially) use so little power it's ridiculous.
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    I have a Via MIIK1000, laptop HD, USB GPS, PCMCIIA sound card, IR reciever for steering wheel mounted remote, and a firewire DVD drive that gets it's power from the mobo. All powered off of an M1-ATX. I have never had any problems with it as for as power goes. With just 800MHz you'll be fine with a M1, it's when you get into p4 territory and such that you start having problems
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsx_03
    which do you use? and how fast is your pc?

    what im trying to get here is seeing if i can run a M1-atx on a via 800mhz
    Via SP8000 running from M1. Also powers the screen and all devices, no problem for me.

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