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Thread: Carnetix CNX-P5V 15W +5V Regulator doesn't switch off wtih ignition

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    Carnetix CNX-P5V 15W +5V Regulator doesn't switch off wtih ignition

    I have a Carnetix CNX-P5V 15W +5V Regulator in my car's glovebox to power a USB 2.0 hub. The device works fine when it's on, but it won't turn off with my ignition, which means I have to remove the fuse from the distribution box in order to make sure it wont drain my battery.

    It's wired up to the electric antenna line off the headunit, just as the Opus power supply is. The Opus responds fine to this line (on and off) so the line must be fine. I have also tried putting it on the ignition line off the headunit and it still doesn't turn off.

    Does anyone know a fix for this?

    I think I may have to run an inline switch through the power line (which I don't really want to do!)

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    mine stays on for about 45 seconds and then it powers off.. make sure the jumpers are set correctly on your carnetix P1900
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    bump, i have the similar problem.

    My carnetix will stay on even if i turn my car off. It will stay on longer then 60 seconds. This only happens sometimes, but it has discharged my battery on occasion .

    Any advice?

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