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Thread: Look! 500W 1+1 Redundant DC/DC PSU

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    Arrow Look! 500W 1+1 Redundant DC/DC PSU

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    Quote Originally Posted by KonPower
    ·Input Spec:
    VOLTAGE: DC 18V~36V
    Sorry... Unless you're weird like that and have two dedicated batteries connected in series for the CarPC.
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    Actually, I had contacted them before and they replied with this
    Hello Eddie

    Thanks for your E-mail, the KDA350- C2R is 1+1 redundant DC/ DC PSU, use two same of 350 watts DC/ DC unit redundancies merge, have the function of hot- plugging, can a DC/ DC unit pull out arbitrarily, another DC/ DC unit still can continue the full load 350 watts work, the KDA350- C2R match the intel power supply design to guide.The KDA350- C2R is the very dependable DC/ DC PSU, the power supply applies to the military, bank, aviation, the industry control etc., the specification of the product sees our website, the retail price of the KDA350- C2R is USD 236, still having any question, welcoming to contact me.

    I wanna try this out for a super install, this is a bit overkill for just a regular setup.
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    Thank you to pay attention to our product.

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