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Thread: need negative voltage to power PSU

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    Question need negative voltage to power PSU

    I recent purchase a cheap power supply unit for $50.00 The unit requires -38 to -72 vdc to operate. How can I produce the that voltage from a car battery.

    Here is the specs on the unit.

    Electrical DC Voltage Input Range -38Vdc to -72Vdc
    Current Input (Max) 30A at - 38Vdc per module
    Power Output 750W
    Current Output (Max)
    (+5) 39A
    (+3.3) 37A
    (+12) 37A
    (-12) 1.4A
    (-5) 1.0A
    Power Cable-AWG, Length
    and Plug Type #10, 12 ft, 3 tinned leads
    Input Receptacle Compaq

    Please email if there is a solution.

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    Yikes! You've gone industrial!
    There are plenty of DC-DC converters that can get you the right voltage but for that kind of current it's gona be expensive.
    Also look at the lowest imput voltage, needs to be <9V if you want to keep it goin while starting you car

    try searching for these
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    Getting that voltage is not easy. In fact, it will be significantly easier and cheaper to just buy/build a supply that takes 12V as it's input.
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