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Thread: Problem with battery drain

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    I calculated it all and made sure to get a switch that was less than the total output from the PSU.

    I want to cry. I bought a Lilliput off someone here in the forum and it turned out to be a dud (not their fault, appears to be a manufacturer problem as it was new, electrical bugs and then the gears broke). It was working (well, the screen turns on lets put it that way) this afternoon and the VGA died on my way home from an appointment. Oh well, my new screen came in today, non-motorized touch screen and all was well so I started the full change over.

    After getting the switch to work and getting the monitor to power on and cycle through the inputs I found no VGA still. Hooked up an external monitor thinking maybe the PC wasn't getting enough power now. My VGA extension died. And one of my USB HUBs may have died since it no longer lights up.

    The good news is I finally have a working screen again and I'll tackle the nwe VGA and USB tomorrow after a run to the store.

    Thanks for your help guys! This switch has made it possible to prevent battery drain now as well as reboot the PC without turning off the car (like when someone hits the "power off" key on the keyboard).

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    try this: Linkage

    If it works you can toss the switch. Hopefully it helps, I would think a switch would be slightly irritating. Now I have read that sometimes this doesn't work with everything, but hope it does.
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