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Thread: Opus ignores ignition wire, constantly stays on

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    Opus ignores ignition wire, constantly stays on

    On the Opus 150W DC-DC, I have the black wire properly grounded (triple-checked with multimeter), the power wire connected to the battery and the yellow wire spliced into a headlight ACC wire. I've tested and confirmed that the ACC wire to yellow Opus wire works. When the ignition is on, 12V. When it's off, no voltage.

    With the car off, the Opus turns on the computer the moment I plug the harness into the Opus. It's like it's ignoring the signal from the yellow ignition wire, even though I've confirmed the wire is getting 12v only when the key is turned to accessory.

    Naturally, turning the ignition off doesn't shut the Opus off either.

    Any ideas what could be causing the Opus to function like this?

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    just a thought, but try a different acc wire. that will indeed show that it is the opus and not some obscure problem with your cars headlight wiring.
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