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Thread: $200 DC-DC ATX PSU + CASE + MOBO + C3 800mhz CPU

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    $200 DC-DC ATX PSU + CASE + MOBO + C3 800mhz CPU

    I dont know if u guys know but the Eden slim PC's come with a built in DC-DC ATX converter inside the box.

    All you would need is to have REGULATED 12V input to it.

    And wth the 800mhz CPU i assume it would do pretty good for dvd, divx, mp3, gps etc...........

    and it's only $200. Can't beat that.

    Just a suggestion.

    Now all we need is for someone with electronics knowledge to build something that would accept 7-16V and output regulated 12V@5A =)

    read more about it on this thread =)

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