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Thread: help with powering a sub

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    help with powering a sub

    okay now this may sound stupid but me and my friend have this chair with speakers in it but it's a piece of **** so we put an 12" l5 solo baric in the back wit han alpine 300 watt amp it's not much but it's in the back of a chair comeon and the only trouble i'm having is powering it could i use a dc power supply or i've heard of a computer power supply would work too and where to find a small cheap reciever with a pre amp out so we just get bass instead of the sub playing all of the sounds

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    The trick here is finding a power supply that can supply the necessary amperage to power the amplifier. Now if you have a high amperage amplifier, then a computer power supply won't cut it, you'll likely need an expensive bench power supply . The other option is to keep the gains on the amplifier down so it draws less. A lower amp fuse would also be a good idea to avoid overloading the power supply. Then you could use a computer power supply. Again first thing is first, you need to find out how many amps(max) your amplifier draws. To get a rough Idea, you could check the fuse for your amplifier. If your power supply can supply that amount of amps, then you're good to go.


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    edit: woops read that wrong. you want to power that amp from inside off 110v, right?
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