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Thread: opus 250w atx problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaFX View Post
    DyeinBreed, an ATX 24 pin connector is only 4 pins bigger than a 20 atx, in the sens they are retro-compatible. Try to connect your 20-pins cable in the PSU atx connector (don't power it, who knows....), there should be only one way to do it.
    i tried. cpu fan spins, but nothing posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyeinbreed View Post
    the motherboard is 20pin, i don't need an adapter for that. What I'm saying is that the cable that came with my opus powersupply is a 20pin (which is fine, connects right up to the motherboard) but the actual connector on the 250w opus is a 24pin, so I did not get the correct cable in the first place. How would I hook up a 20 pin cable to the 24pin connector on the powersupply without the correct cable.
    A ha!
    I misinterpreted your picture. I thought the photo was of the motherboard, but it's actually the Opus unit.
    I see the issue now.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    How much was the OPUS 250W??
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    I took a regular antec powersupply out to try and see if the problem is the powersupply itself.

    I powered the lcd from the antec and still nothing is happening. I'm starting to think that the motherboard might be dead. Ill have to take everything back inside and run the 12v from a regular powersupply into the opus and try to get everything going.

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    well I called opus today and said I only had a 20pin cable come with the powersupply. The person who I spoke to sounded surprised and immediatly said hed have a new one shipped to me.

    He said they didn't have the cables in when the supplies were ready to ship so they sent them out to customers regardless so they could use them. The new cable is also longer and will have the additional 4pin connector coming from the atx power header rather than from the molex connections.

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    most if not all motherboards with a 24 PIN ATX power input will work with a 20pin input and should fit in only one way if i am correct. u can get a 24pin to work on a 20 pin motherboard too, the last four dont make contact and usually there is a gap in the plastic to allow this (otherwise u might have to hack it up), also sometimes u might have something like IDE ports in the way of the last 4 pins so u might have to cut off a corner or plastic on those too (wouldnt be a problem if u do it right).

    my desktop has a 20 pin for my 24 pin motherboard. i have a 20->24pin adapter but i dont use it. my brother has a 24 pin PSU for his 20pin motherboard but it doesnt fit 100% i got lazy to hack it up and just pushed it in hard and left it on a tiny bit of an angle, its fine so long as nothing makes it come loose.

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