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Thread: So was my Opus overloaded?

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    So was my Opus overloaded?

    Ok.. so I got my PC up and running.... every thing's fine... then I found a small 5 inch red light I bought a while ago.. well I thought it'd be perfect to stick it behind my center A/C vents.. and I did.. I must say.. it looked very cool at night..

    So this was during the day.. night time comes and I was gonna move my car.. turn it on and I wanted to take some night shots of it.. I went to my house.. got the camera and when I came back, the PC was off.. the lights still on and I smelled something burning...

    So I turned everything off... and tried to figure out where the smell came from.. wasn't the Motherboard area.. wasn't the new light.. but it was defiantly the power supply... I unplugged the new light and tried to turn on the pc.. the power was going up and down and it looked like the PSU was struggling to keep up. Then I thought.. let me unplug the LED fans I have.. and I was right.. the PC started up like normal...

    I connected the fans again and this time it worked fine.. so now everything is fine as long as I dont plug in that light again... (too bad)... but my question is.. what burned? the PSU/PC are still working fine..

    Also... how am I overloading this PSU? I have:

    EPIA 13000
    80GB Maxtor
    Fan cooler for the HDD
    2 LED system fans
    4 Port USB Hub
    1 WiFi PCI card
    and my Xenarc is also connected to the OPUS

    Soon when I get my IDE to USB cable I plan to hook up my slim load CDRW and eventually install my GPS receiver as well but seeing how it can't handle a little light, I'm starting to worry

    Here's how it looks now:

    any thoughts?


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    opus 90 or 150.....or one of them new ones? that mofo will run how if not given the proper ventilation.......i'd say probably more of a cooling issue. I've heard of them melting the plastic off the stock wires
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    sorry, it's the OPUS 150

    The temps are fine.. at night the temps are:

    Mobo: 25-27C
    CPU: 35-38C
    HDD: 25-27C

    Here in Florida the temps during the day can get pretty up there.. today the hottest was:

    Mobo: 35C
    CPU 65C
    HDD: 30C

    That was when I first started up the car while it's been sittin in the sun for a few hours.. after a few minutes the temps go down about 10-15C

    the smell defenately was coming from the motherboard so I'm sure it wasn't any wires melting...

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