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Thread: HP e-pc c10 barrel plug polarity

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    HP e-pc c10 barrel plug polarity

    I have an HP e-pc c10 that I need to buy a power supply for. I know everything about its power requirements, I just need to know the polarity of the barrel plug so I don't blow it out when I first plug it in. Is the pin positive or negative?


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    my company over here in the UK has sold over 30 of these PC's now. I can confirm that the central pin is POSTIVE and the small metal spring underneath is negative.

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    It comes with a 19v 3.16A supply.
    If its going in a car consider using a 2.5" HDD that only requires 5v and then you can run it straight off the battery (12v)
    The only problem when doing that is the 12v supply in the EPC drops to 9-10v so you cant use a 3.5" drive!
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