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Thread: Cheap 5v power regulator for my usb hub

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    Quote Originally Posted by khisanthax View Post
    Anyone know if the LM2677 is a good model or not?
    It's a chip - you need to add the peripherals.
    It's much like using common MC34063, TL496, ICL7660, LM2576 etc etc but handles 5A directly.

    As to earlier inquiries:

    isrow - power both from the same supply - ie 5A. There is no "splitting" - the loads take whatever they want....

    guiclaw - don't parallel power sources, it usually end with avalanche failure (even if they are matched; they need to be designed to work in parallel).

    Linear regulators (7805, LM317 etc) can be boosted with extra transistors. The 2N3055 was a popular tranny used. (Though they can handle 15A, multiple 3055s would be used due to power dissipation limits etc.)

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    Sorry if this is a nub question, but i'm still trying to understand this. so what you're saying is that I can't just connect the wires to it, I need external devices to operate it properly?

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    why dont you just get a usb car charger for say a blackberry, hook it up and call it a day?

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