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Thread: Opus 150w 2 flashes

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    Opus 150w 2 flashes

    So my Opus 150w flashes twice while its idle. The PC will boot up if I hit the power button, but it wont come on with the ignition.

    I checked the opus manual and it says:

    2 Flashes The computer power up sequence failed

    1. Check the wiring of the two wire power-switch cable from power supply connector J9 to power switch pins on the ATX motherboard. If connected properly check the polarity of the power switch pins. May be reversed.
    2. Check ATX mother board bios settings.
    3. Locked up motherboard or software crash of bug.
    4. Faulty DC-DC power supply.

    I have no idea what #1 is saying. Can someone decode that statement for me so I can try to trouble shoot this problem?

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    So if the PC powers up with the power button, that means you have the power button connected to the headers on the motherboard, right? Will, if there's a power button connected there, that means the wire from teh Opus PSU is not. It needs to be wired to the power switch headers on your motherboard to send the signal to the motherboard to initiate bootup.

    That's what #1 is saying. So open the system up, find where the power switch is connected to the motherboard, disconnect it, and wire the two-wire connector for the OPus and connect it where the power switch was.

    Really, though...
    I firmly believe that anyone attempting to put a Pc in their car needs to know this basic stuff about putting a PC together, as well as all teh functions and what wire goes to what and why. You obviously don't know that, so I suggest getting some education in basic PC hardware.

    Good luck.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Thanks DarkPervet, that did the trick. And yeah, now that you mention it, it is pretty obvious. I think I got caught up in the verbiage a little.

    And yeah, I had a buddy of mine help me build the PC .

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