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Thread: Engine Noise with M2 ATX

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    done that already!

    like I said, its not the PC - definately! It works fine all day long in the house, stick it on the m2 though and this happens at every cold boot and reset.

    Standby resuming is fine, hybernate and cold boot not!

    I have virus checked it and dissables windows restart feature!

    This is defo the power pack IMO!

    Some occasions it will not even make it to windows before it resets

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    what is interesting is that i think everyone should do a max load test on there car PC thats what i plan to do with mine, to see if the PSU in my case m2 will be able to power, i read some other place that cold boot takes more power, with the drives and other stuff so that can be a major problem, this is why i spent some extra $$ and hit in performance went with laptop drives... slim dvd and 5400 single disk laptop HD with those i know for a fact that i would be running little power drain on those 2, if you have desktop versions of those... well your warned you should check out the power consumption esp on start up on those things...

    also note that on standby i think the disks are drawing some power already and dont need that much power to start from cold start.

    try removing other devices if possible and try the cold boot, maybe your running to the max of the m2 or its optimal operation while cold booting...

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    I agree with drutort -- I'd say that your PC resets because it's drawing too much power from one or more voltage rail at some point during the Windows boot (which is usually 100% utilization). Try disabling hardware or underclocking your processor.

    I did the Big 3 ground wire upgrade in my Maxima with high strand 4 awg and it made very little difference. My headlights still dim upon bass hit and I get a bit of whine and hard drive spin-up sound before my sound card initializes (but none after). I can live with that. I'm running about 100 watts to my highs, 400 to lows, CarPC probably pulls about 80 watts.

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    I installed my VoomPC-2 today (the standard package mini-box offers).

    I am not having any audio noise problems but the video (RCA out) is very noisy! It appears to be the M2 power supply making the noise. It is a very high frequency noise that is present with the engine on or off.

    I had this problem before witha 19 volt DC-DC laptop supply. I took it apart and put a string of sealed lead acid batteries across the output (3 x 6 volt cla). It virtually took the noise away! I hope I don't have to do this to all the outputs of the M2.

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    the grounding BIG 3 should be your next upgrade.

    1) Battery negative to chassis
    2) Alternator to battery positive
    3) Chassis to engine
    could somebody educate me on #2 ?
    I am supposed to run a "red" wire from alternator to the "+" positive of the battery?
    yeah, I know that's what it says ... is this to pick up floating current ???

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    yes. this is to allow the alternator to push a larger amount of current to the battery.

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