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Thread: M2-ATX shutdown question

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    any update on this? I am also working on a system with an nLited XP install. My power buton will not shut down xp and i have no options for it in power settings. Any idea what nLite may have removed to cause this to happen?
    System: AMD Duron 1200+ , 512 MB ram , usb sb mp3+ , Tview 7" touchscreen , M1-ATX PSU , Slot Load iMac DVD-Rom , 40 GB laptop HDD, netgear USB 802.11g

    Progress: Installation: 90% Dash fabrication: 80%

    Parts Needed: USB GPS

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    im having almost the same problem, boots up fine but does not shutdown. the wire that i connect to the j8 terminal works fine, if i hold it together it will shut down the computer. i had this previously installed in my car with an m1-atx and it worked like its supposed to, but now with my reinstall im not sure whats going on with it. another wierd thing is if i do the jumpers on everyone but B, it doesnt start up on ignition.

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    I think I know how to fix the shutdown part of it with nLite, when you get to the screen where you type the cd key and such there is a dropdown menu for the "pc type" or something similar, click the "?" to help ya decide which computer you have, you need the one with ACPI for it to work right. I did this and reinstalled and now the system shutsdown all the way when shutdown is selected.

    I still havnt been able to get the system to shutdown when the key is turned off tho, it turns on but not off via the key...

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    I attempted these solutions because my M2 was acting like a standard PSU. The only test I could not do was the continuity test because, I'll be honest, I have no idea how to go about doing that. After switching polarity, I can no longer get the pc to start up (no fans, nothing) I know that I at least have 5v power because I was able to observe the leds on the front of the case as being on. Swapping back to my M1 psu did not fix anything. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    **edit Turns out I am an idiot and had the front panel pin out wrong. Now to just see about getting the M2 to perform an intelligent shut down, as opposed to a hard cut off. **

    **final edit...I really should pay more attention to wires when I unplug them....all works well now**

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