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Thread: im confused with power supplies now :(

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    im confused with power supplies now :(

    WHat's up guys, I'm kind of confused now. I've looked up all kind of things and posts and i'm lost and then not

    I'm working with DELL computers and I'll get hooked up with a P4, 2.4Mhz, Motherboard with chip/memory. so I can also choose one of the other motherboards if i need to. so well,.. I want to use the M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU and it looks to be a good choice for the price.

    now I look around on different posts and people are telling each other this >M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU < would not be enough power for a P4 system....

    I'm confused what i should use now. I know that I should use a 2.5 HD because of the watt i can save compared to a 3.5 HD. I guess if i use the onboard Soundcard instead the Soundblaster PCI card i will save a few more Watts.

    now back to the point, what should i do? is this M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU enough?

    should i get me a AMD motherboard or maybe one of the celeron board with i really hate.

    I need some advice ... cause i don't want to spend 100 bucks more for a different powersupply if i dont have to

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    The M2ATX will power some P4s. It all depends ont he power draw.
    We compiled a FAQ that's easy to follow. I think you've been pointed at this before, but here it is again anyway: FAQ: Will <insert PSU model> Power Supply work with my system?

    As far as a Dell computer, you need to make 100% certain that the Dell has a standard ATX power connector on the motherboard to use any of the ATX power supplies (Opus models, M-series and DSATX). Many dell models do not use standard ATX power connectors!!!!!!

    The other thing about the P4 is that they are notorious for power draw. Some Celerons are just as bad as the P4s. The Northwood series of P4/Celeron CPUs are the biggest power hogs, and should be avoided for a vehicle installation.

    The ideal choices are the Via C-series (C3 and C7) CPUs (which are typically hard-mounted to motherboards), the Mobile Turions from AMD and the newer Intel Core solo CPUs, as they are very lean on the power draw.
    Will they work with your motherboard? Doubtful.

    It sounds as if you have only a limited knowledge of the PC hardware that's out there, especially CPUs and motherboards. Start with the Electrical specs that are linked in that FAQ, then start doing some research about what works with what.

    Good luck.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I would recomend staying away from a Dell Carputer for a few reasons. One, you probably have a full sized(or mid size[or is that only a case size?]) ATX mobo, which can be pretty big and hard to install where you would like it. Two, as DarquePervert stated, the P4 will most likely draw a lot ot power. They also run quite hot so you would have to be careful of where you install it, making sure it wont overheat.

    I would recomend getting a VIA EPIA motherboard with a C3(or C7, but I'm not sure if those are avaible yet). I have an EPIA CL with a 1Ghz C3. It runs quite well, is small(17cm square), its quiet, and consumes very little power.

    Take a look here! you could probly get one fairly cheap used too.

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    I'm trying to save some bucks and i also know that this is the wrong thing to do if u want to get a carputer.

    If i get a board like below then i should be alright? or ?

    ECS 661GX-M Celeron 1.7
    ECS 661GX-M (V1.0B) Socket 478 SiS 661GX/964L Chipset DDR400 AGP8X/4X 3xPCI & 1xCNRSlots ATA133 6-Cha. Audio VIDEO LAN USB2.0 M-ATX W/cpu - Celeron 1.7Ghz CPU w/Heatsink & Fan-COMPLETE COMBO KIT

    or one of this lnk here

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