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Thread: Dual Batteries

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    Dual Batteries

    Hey i had no idea where to post this so feel free to move it...
    I am in the process of planning my new system consisting of CarPC with dc-dc PSU, two alpine 12 inch subs on one amp and 4x alpine 6.5 inch speakers on another. Because i like to be able to start my car after listening to music with the car off i have decided to go for dual batteries. One in the engine bay purely to power the car components (starter motor, lights etc.) and another in the boot to power both amps and the PC. I have read that i will need a 'battery isolater' so that i can only drain the battery in the boot.
    I just want to know if people have done this and how they have worked it etc.

    Any info you can give me will be very helpful (Pics, cost etc.)

    Thanks in advance


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    you should search been asked alot.

    but from me.
    isolator - 50
    Deep Cycle batt - 65

    worked ok. deep cycle batt never really got a full charge due to the lost of iso.

    now i got same batts but 2 alternators.
    works better.
    batts are always fully charged.
    Core duo
    1tb harddrive
    256 ddr
    8 lilliput

    still installing...

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    dual battery set-up

    Ok so what I did in my S-10 Blazer is put an Optima red-top battery in the engine bay for starting the engine and running it. I have an Optima yellow-top battery in my trunk, since it is a sealed batery, plus I have it in a battery box for the just in case moment. I upgraded to a 200 amp alternator and I use a 200 amp Sure Power isolator. This easily chargers both batteries. The yellow-top powers the mac mini and subwoofer/deck/speakers/basically the interior electronics. For a schematic, visit this page on my site:

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    check out hellroaring, there awsome stuff...

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    awsome thanks guys...much appreciated

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