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Thread: I think my OPUS killed it self...

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    Unhappy I think my OPUS killed it self...

    so i'm driving and all the suddent the system shuts off completely.... I look around over at the system and the mobo power existance light is dead... seems as if i blew a fuse... so i check my main power fuse and its good... so i check my fuse on my opus150 and its also good... volt meter shows adiquate voltage on power lines into the OPUS.. but its totally DEAD... no flashy light. i take it out and there is a screw from the fan mount laying on the board...!!! now i dont kno what to do... i really dont wanna have to buy another expensive PSU...
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    I think you're out of luck. Sounds like the screw shorted something out on the board. You might be able to send it back to Opus and have them repair it for less than the cost of a new PSU.
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