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Thread: Inverter wiring question

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    Inverter wiring question

    I have been reading a lot about wiring an inverter. I am planning on using one for the power supply for my laptop carputer. My question is regarding wire size. I know i would need a heavy gauge wire if i wanted to place the inverter in the trunk with my laptop. But what i wanted to mount the inverter under the hood, and splice the wires to run the plugs themselves to the trunk. Could i get away with just using 12 gauge wire (with a fuse) for the run to the trunk?

    My thinking is i can because the power would already be switched over to AC. But i could be totally wrong.

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    I don't know if mounting under the hood would be a good idea. The temperature extremes, dirt, and chance of water contact would be less than ideal.

    But if you do, a simple AC extension cord would suffice for making the run.
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    Duh... of course. An extension cord would be a lot easier.


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