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Thread: DC line conditioner

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    DC line conditioner

    First please allow me to lay out my scenario.

    I have an old POS compaq armada laptop that is my carputer. I have an 8 inch hami TS monitor. both are currently powered off of an invertor. (the monitor takes a 12V dc in though, so it could be powered off of the ACC wire, i just haven't done that because i want to make sure it is a clean 12v.)

    I have noticed that if i am idling and using other electric things in the car (mainly blower and defroster), i will get a low voltage alarm from the invertor.

    Does anyone know of a source for schematics for a "build your own" dc line conditioner? (i'm not uber technical with electronics, but thought this might be a nice project to start with).

    What i would like to do in the end is power both the monitor and the invertor off of a dc line conditioner, so that i know it is clean and solid.

    I have read a little about OPUS' and thought that they might do what i need, but once again i'm not sure, i don't need the power connectors for a computer (hard drive style) i just need bare wires with clean 12v running through them...

    anywho, any help would be greatly appreciated, and i did search before posting

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    i could be wrong, but it sounds to me like your alternator just isn't putting enough oomph out at idle. i'd look for an replacement alternator that kicks more out at idle, or i think you can change the pulley size on it, for more current/rpm at the expense of HP.

    i think a conditioner, tank circuit et al will only help if the low battery alarm is a momentary thing. if it continually complains until you rev-up, i don't think they will help.

    just my two cents.

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    Rather than replace the entire alternator, you may be able to get a different sized pulley that will allow the alternator to put out more at idle.
    I think you'd want a larger pulley (as well as the corresponding belt), but I'm not 100% certain.
    It also depends on the alternator. Some may not have interchangable pulleys and some may not work properly with a different size pulley.
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    Another thing you could check for is excessive voltage drop due to poor power connection to the inverter. I have seen inverter's get a low voltage due to crappy cigarette lighter connections and thin wiring. Is the connector or wiring warm? Also check that your inverter, battery, and alternator have a good clean ground connection.
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    The invertor's power connection is through good solid thick wiring. and the low voltage beep is only a momentary thing.

    I am going to pick up a relay and rewire my invertor with all new wiring so that it is straight from the battery, and if that doesnt help any, then i will post back and say i still need help

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