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Thread: DSATX serial diagnostics spits out garbage

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    Angry DSATX serial diagnostics spits out garbage

    I tried out the DSATX for the first time today. At first my motherboard wouldn't turn out. Turns out I need to switch the polarity of the motherboard on cable. So I am right now using a switch to short the pins.

    I connected the DSATX to my desktop PC to change the default shutdown timer. The diagnostics output was ok at this time.

    I then started to install windows. About half way through the installation, the power supply just turned off. I tried to turn it back on but the LED on the DSATX wouldnt even come on. I hooked the serial cable back up to it, and now all I get when i start the DSATX is garbage. Sometimes I get the regular output and I'm able to input commands. But then the garbage starts up again.

    I bought the DSATX a few months ago but I only got around to using it today.

    Any ideas what could be wrong? I read about firmware issues on the first batch, but I thought that was all fixed on the later boards. If I remember correctly, the firmware version of my unit was 0109 (got it from the diagnostics). My board revision according to the sticker on the back is D842606.

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    PM Jeff, maybe you have to send it back to him for firmware upgrade.
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    Well I unplugged the brainstem from the DSATX and everything seems to work fine. I planned on keeping the brainstem plugged in at all times, and whenever I need to use the diagnostics, I would plug in the serial cable before turning on the computer.

    I'm going to check out the brainstem later on when I have more time, to see if anything is wrong with it.

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    Per zootjeff, you shouldn't connect/disconnect the brainstem when the DSATX as +12v, ideally.
    At the very least, you shouldn't connect/disconnect it while the PC is running. It will do unpleasant things.
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    I had read that already. What I was experiencing was happening while simply having the brainstem attached and serial cable detached.

    I'm going to extend the brainstem connector later on because I want the brainstem to be accessible from the back of my carpc case. I'll test the brainstem then. Hopefully everything will work out. But right now the DSATX is running ok without the brainstem attached.

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