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Thread: M2-ATX Problem - Fan runs but does not boot ! RESOLVED !!

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    M2-ATX Problem - Fan runs but does not boot ! RESOLVED !!

    I had this problem and it was resolved and here is a summary how:

    My original problem was that it didnt boot the PC, No beep, no VGA. The proc fan ran everytime i turned it on but nothing else.

    The M2 ATX has a faulty capacitor (#C35). Its a real tiny one. It needs to be half the power of what it currently is. It needs to be 10 NF.

    How to fix this:
    I called mimi-box and talked to Andrei, They are very co-operative and he sent me a replacement. The replacement has been working flawlessly so far (2 weeks now).

    My original thread has all the details, but you will learn nothing from it except what i wrote above, so you might want to save some time :P
    Chrysler Sebring 2004 Conv Limited Ed.
    Commell LV-677.
    Voom PC case.
    M2 ATX PS.
    1.8Ghz Intel Core Duo.
    1GB PNY RAM.
    Dynamix 816 (8", Wide, TS).
    80GB out of a broken laptop.
    WiFi Atheros (HP) out of a broken laptop.
    OS: Win XP MCE.

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    Glad to hear you got it sorted in the end! You probably know more about the inner workings of the M2 than they do now.
    Jetway J7F2 2GHz C7 Mainboard
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    Hello Autonator

    I have the same problem but changing the C35 has nothing brought
    Do you have an Email Adress of Andrei?

    I want to ask him if there is another Condensator to be exchanged

    Ford Focus
    Jetway 7F2WE-2G-OC
    Voom PC case.
    M2 ATX PS.
    VIA C7 2.0Ghz
    RAM 512MB DDR-II 533MHz CL4
    CTF700 - VGA 7" TFT - Touchscreen USB
    80GB HD
    OS: Win XP

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    Angry I've the same problem...

    I'm not a beginer in computer building.
    That the first time I'm using this motherboard.

    -my power supply is a frontier atx mpe-9002 250w, I've try too with a more recent ATX power supply (2005).
    -my keyboard is an ibm one (I'm using it to type this email).
    -my DDR2 d33 1024mo is a generic bp ml e186014 / B62URCD 1.00 / 1GBULUATTLBA
    -my screen an LCD ACER 17" (I'm using it now).

    All this devices are working properly on my two others computers.

    I tried to boot:
    .with all connected (like said in the manual)
    .with nothing connected (exept keyboard, power supply, and screen)
    .with all, excepted the Ram and the hard drive.
    .at the last try, I've reset the bios like the manual said in case of boot problem (clear cmos by switching the jbat jumpers).

    By my experience I suppose something is dead on the board.

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    how the hell did you know it was the capacitor and not that your computer needed more watts to the 12 Volt rail or whatever rail your processor needed?

    please inform me how you tested for that?

    good job though

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