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Thread: how much power comes from my car ?

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    how much power comes from my car ?

    Hi. I've got a question on power. I don't know a lto about batteries and what not. I am going to get an inverter for my carputer. Probably a 300W (I can getone cheap from a friend). My question is this. AS I understand inverter will basically turn your car battery in to a wa;; outlet( 110 or whatever it is). Now, If I need to power say, my PC,maybe a USB hard drive, mayeb another USB device. can I plug in a "spike bar" to the inverter to turn one outlet in to 3 or 4 or whatever ? or will this overload the outlet. Also, my car will be powering the TFT/LCD screen. I guess what I want to know is how much can a car battery actually power ? will it handle all that stuff ?

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    usually depends on the battary.. It should power a screen/computer/usb drive. You can probably use the power strip. I'd make a fuse between the battary and inverter.
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    Re: how much power comes from my car ?

    I am guessing u want the 'spike bar' (im guessing thats another name for a double/tripple adaptor?) to run some 9V/12V plug packs for the USB devices? I would reccomend trying to run these items instead off the ATX PSU and just run that off the inverter.... the ATX PSU can give u most voltages needed by computer devices, if not all.... I would seriously doubt that the USB devices would need anything more than 5V/12V....

    I run my TFT which can accept anything from 7V - 16V off the ATX PSU too.... to ensure it gets a nice smooth supply..... also then everything is fused thru the PSU....
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