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Thread: Another dead M2-ATX

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    Another dead M2-ATX

    I bought my M2-ATX about a year ago along with my iBase MB870. I tested everything and then put it back in the box. A year later I install the thing, it powers up once and then the 3.3v/5v rail dies. There is no smoke just a dead rail. My rig was never installed, in fact it never left the bench!
    I designed the case to work with the M2's small size so a DSATX wouldn't work. I ordered another M2 (from this time) and I'm going to hope for the best!

    Here's my setup if anyone is interested.

    Powered by M2-ATX
    iBase MB870 motherboard
    Intel Celeron D 325 (2.53 GHz)
    1 GB DDR-SDRAM (400 MHz)

    Powered by Opus 80w
    Panasonic slot-load SuperDrive
    800 nit 15" LCD
    Matrix Orbital MX610
    Hitachi TravelStar 100GB 7200 laptop drive
    6w audio amp
    3com USB wi-fi adapter
    Deck USB illuminated keyboard

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    I bought one about 5 months ago and I've yet to power it up..
    it's still in the bubble bag it came in.
    it better work.. I'm hearing to many stories of them not.
    let us know how you go with replacing it.

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    I'll def let everyone know how the new one works.

    Has anyone had any luck repairing one of these things? I'm no stranger to a DMM and a soldering iron, so I'd have no problem taking a crack at it.

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    I just got a new one off ebay about a month ago to replace my dead opus... worked fine from when I got it, till when I installed it a few days later, and its still fine now...

    2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1
    Specs: Epia M2-1000, 512mb ram, SB Audigy NX, Lilliput 7" Touchscreen, M2-ATX, DVD, 160gb HDD, gps, obdII, wifi, bluetooth, XM radio, HQCT and Logitech wireless gamepad.
    Install Status: DONE

    My XM FAQ

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