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Thread: NOrmal HOme Pc in a Car

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    NOrmal HOme Pc in a Car

    I know that this subject has been covered before, but I am very new to this and dont understand some of the terminology used.

    I work with PCs and understand how they work.

    I currently have a laptop in my car, but would like to set a proper pc up in the boot, so that the sound isnt interfered with and it switches on and off when required.

    Can anyone clear up the way I need to wire up or set the power supplies.

    Whats the simplist...and cheapest way to set the machine to power up when the igntion is on....shut down when ignition is off....and run normally through driving.

    Please bare in mind i am in the uk and we use 240v as normal power....will i need to take anything out of the normal desktop pc box ....or just replace the existing power supply?

    Thanks in advance

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    Search the forums, as this is something that has been answered repeatedly.
    There is also the Faq Emporium subforum, where a number of people have written many informational posts, guides, walkthroughs, etc. They are a very helpful resource.
    You might try starting here: New to CarPCs? Don't know where to start?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Keep in mind that having a carpc in your car is not a simple operation, it's more than anything you can imagine. It's a hobby. Did you ever play with trains when you were a kid? Were you satisfied with having a train just go around and around? If so, putting a laptop on the seat will be enough for you. If you wanted switches, crossovers, bridges, scenery, and more than the stock railcars, then you'll begin to understand what this is. It's an obsession. There will never be a point in time where you look at all the work you've done and say "Ahh, now time to enjoy it." Well, there might be, but it will be brief.

    Simply put, there is no simple answer. Oh yeah, there are a number of threads about using a laptop in a car. You'll need to do something about the psu, the power buttons, the keyboard, the screen and the mouse. And then there's the issue of audio too.

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