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Thread: Fix for M2-ATX and Jetway!

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    What type of memory are you using? I accidentally ordered the wrong type of memory, even after reading the requirements several times. This is all that caused my problems. Do you get any BIOS beep codes?

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    memory is fine ... cuz the carputer used to start fine with my 3.5" hd ... but suddenly 2 days ago it just stop starting ...

    and no i don't get any beep !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by screwrules View Post
    im having the same problems. i have jetway and m2-atx HV ... does not boot ...
    NO VGA

    can you please advice ??
    I'm having the same problem. My motherboard was worked fine for a few months and then it started having problem. It was powering up but there was no VGA and no beeps. I ordered a new motherboard and tried installing it today but it has the same problem. Its driving me insane !!

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