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Thread: Dashwerks shipping and contact

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    Unhappy Dashwerks shipping and contact

    I ordered my DSSC from Dashwerks two weeks ago and have got no email confrimations. I have called the phone number an unlimited amount of times this week at different times of the day and it just rings like 10 times then goes through a voice processing system loop that goes no where. I have read lots of complaints about shipping taking for ever and excuses about that issue from chris at dashwerks. I read this thread and his post kind of scared me; does that mean hes not making/shipping at all?

    Anyones advice on if I should cancel the order through Paypal and order a different shut down controller from mp3car or another reliable place. I am at the point in my project where I cannot go any further until i get a shut down controller. I dont even know how getting my money back through paypal works ive never had to do it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Even though this post is a couple month old, I need to let everyone know that the guy who runs is a fraud. I ordered my DSSC back in January and he has constantly lied. In Feb he said a backordered part delayed it but the part was in and he would give me a tracking number. That never happened.

    I have asked for a refund twice from him but he has failed to respond. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM HIM!

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    yeah man same thing happened to me. i got lucky though and had paid through paypal and was able to get a full refund through paypal after a elevated dispute. i was happy it turned out that way anyway because i realized the CarPC EZ v2.5d - The Simple ATX Power Controller was an amazing controller especially compared to the dashwerks one. i ordered the carpc one and got it in a few days. it is amazing and i couldnt be happier. i'd go for one of those. so many options and great service.

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