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Thread: M1-ATX burnouts

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    M1-ATX burnouts

    I have 3 dead M1-ATX's, I have no idea what exactly happened to any of them but the fuses are not blown and there is some power going to the rail but not the full amount. Has anyone encountered this, and is it a simple fix or are they garbage?

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    send them for replacement if you bought them from official dealers of minibox

    they are kaput

    i have had this happened to my m1-atx, i got a replacement

    R. T. F. M

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    did you connect them to your amplifiers?

    if so, did you connect both pins to the amps? or just one?

    If you connect both, you'll run into a problem.

    I do find it strange that so many folks run into problems. I'm still on the same M1 from about 2 years ago....:|
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    i never had it hooked up to an amp, i just think they may have been shorted somehow by static electricity, maybe?

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    If the fuses aren't blown then it sounds like one of the rails is exceeding its capacity but the others aren' the overall current draw isn't over 10A

    I almost smoked mine last week from tring to run my screen off the amp turn-on feed. Whoops.
    What's that burning smell?

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