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    Question Inverter

    Well I hope you guys can help, because ford canada cant even help me.

    So heres the story, I'm trying to run either a 200W inverter, or a 400W inverter through the power point in a F350 superduty. My problem is that it keeps blowing the 20amp fuse. I dont even have anything plugged into the inverter, just turning the inverter power on blows the fuse. The two inverters I've tried using were brand new, right out of the package. I even tried running both inverters with the battery cables that came with them, and that as well blew the fuse in the inverter this time. Ford says that the batteries are 12V and shouldn't be doing that. The weird thing is that it worked for one whole day, and then the next day I went to turn it on again, it started blowing fuses again. I've used inverters in the past, and never had a single problem before this. Oh, I should also mention that I've tried the same inverter in another truck, same year, same model and it blew that fuse aswell

    If anyone has some info that would help me out that would be greatly appriciated as I have a job that I'm in my truck 12 hours a day and i need inverter power to stay sane.

    thanks in advance.


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    might be potentially dangerous, but why not run it directly from the battery? You could even get a higher amperage fuse to stick on the wire if something did you wrong.

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    yeah, I tried running direct from the battery, it blew a 25 amp fuse in the inverter, and the 400w inverter it just tripped the automatic shut off eact time I turned it on.

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