Hey, as the title says, I just wanted to check the power consumption before I do my final install. I'm hoping to power this all through my DSATX, but would rather do all of this at once instead of patching things piecemeal. Anyway, here's my system:

Motherboard: DFI K8M800-MLVF
Processor: AMD Athlon64 3000+ (Venice Core) (Socket 754)
RAM: 1x512MB stick of DDR-400
HDD: 1x300GB 5400rpm PATA: 0.80A on +5V, 0.45A on +12V
DVD: Lite-On DVD/RW: 1.5A on +5V, 1.5A on +12V
Sound: Onboard
Video: Onboard - S3 Unichrome

Now that's it for the computer itself, and I know I should have no problems at all with that. My question is with two other components:

I'm going to add an EdiMax WiFi booster (500mw), that will draw 1.25A on the +12V line. Kensington 7 port USB hub, this will draw 4A on the +5V line.

According to this article at SilentPC Review, (whom I trust) I'm looking at the processor itself under 100% load will draw 3.8A on the +3.3V, 3.8A on the +5V, 7.8A on the +12V

WiFi will be through a Kyocera KR-1, which has a cigarette lighter power adapter, so I can hardwire that to the car's elec. system.

So for my known components, I have:
+3.3V: 3.8A
+5.0V: 10.1A
+12V: 11A

That only leaves me 1A on the +12V and 1.9A on the +5V for the motherboard and buffer space. Should I be okay, or should I look at moving some of the other devices (USB hub, WiFi booster) off of the DSATX?