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Thread: Not Starting In Cold Temps

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    I was having a similar problem. I took my car pc inside and tried to start it up in a warmer environment, but it still take forever to boot. Is there anything I can do about it?

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    AngryMan, have you tried replacing the battery on the motherboard with a new one? Might try a small 12v low amperage light bulb placed next to the battery that won't draw so much power that it kills the car battery and use it for a heat source. Just a thought.

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    You can get a replacement battery from a "computer" store. They are essentially 2 AA batteries and are made for early motherboards where you couldn't replace the cmos battery. If that don't survive........I dunno what will.

    I'm just north of you in Nova Scotia, I hear ya about the cold. My cmos bat was doing the same thing, the temps have let up a bit here and the problem is gone, for now. I'm going to try a new 2032 battery first as mine is a couple years old.......



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