hello all,

I installed this system once before in a civic, but i just sold it and bought a 2002 ford explorer. The system consists of the following

1 Rockford Fosgate 1800w max (2 channel @ 800-900w rms)
1 rockford fosgate 1500 w max (4 channel @ 200w rms)
2 sony xplod 6.5in. 90w rms
2 sony xplod 4.5in 90w rms
2 Power Acoustic 12" 1800 w max 900wrms
cd player (4 ch. @ 50w)
I also have a capacitor (4 farad)

In the civic, i changed the alternator to a 150 amp one, but the system was still draining the battery. I dont want this to happen again

In the ford, my questions are

1. Do i need a higher alternator than the stock?
2. Do i need another battery? If so, what would be the best?-Does the battery go into the back of the trunk? where is the best place to put it?
3. What type of solenoid would be best? Diode?
4. Sound deadening- I used dynamat in the civic and it sounded awesome, im not sure if i want to (or need to) sound deaden in the ford. Any suggestions?

Thanks TO EVERYONE who gives any input. If i could, id mail you a 6 pack.