OK. very ****ed off. I finally redid my entire trunk install and fabricated my screen wednesday night. Everything was working like a charm for about a day (before the fabrication i had no mobo running in my wheel well and the screen connected on brackets for about 6 months with everything working fine - including the opus) Friday i went to do a few finishing touches - sodering the connection to a usb hub. I mistakenly wired the 12 hdd opus cable to the hub (which i now understand takes 5v). After this the OPUS 150 will no longer start my pc. I doubt that the usb thing is the problem as i have done that b4 with the opus and nothing happened. I checked everything including

-12v coming to the opus
-the battery has a normal voltage
-the mobo will start with a standard atx psu
-the fuse on the opus is working fine
-i shorted the 2 pins on the atx power connectors and their was 5v.
-took off the opus enclosure (incase of the coil short)

the opus (and PC) will not start even when i manually start the mobo w/ a pushbutton

i have been using this opus without flaw for several months now with this setup.

the LED is staying off for a lengthy interval (5-10s) then has a single flash followed by about a 2-3s interval followed by three succesive flashes. Then the cycle repeates into the 5-10s interval.

i assume it is 3 flashes which means that "output voltages are out of normal range" (OPUS 150 manual).

Have searched and came up with nothing so decided to post.
Any ideas.
Please help.