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Thread: Tips on installing PC Power & Cooling Sleekline 12V DC-DC?

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    Tips on installing PC Power & Cooling Sleekline 12V DC-DC?

    Just ordered one of these from PC Power & Cooling and the Via Epia iBox from iDOT.

    Where can I find more information on how this can be hooked up into my car's electronic's system?

    I really know nothing about power, etc. - Do I need any other parts to put in the line? A stereo shop is helping me out a little with the install, but is there anything computer-specific they may not know that you guys could help with?


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    Nope pretty straight forward. I ran a Pos. line and a Ground line with 8 gage wire from the battery to the back of the car into 1 to 4 Phoenix Gold Distribution Blocks.....

    I also ofcourse had a 15 amp fuse in the Pos. 8 gage wire.

    But the PC Power PSU was connected to the dist. blocks.

    easy as pie


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