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Thread: Banging my head off a wall

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    Banging my head off a wall

    Ok guys I need your help. I recently had a problem with my hard drive in my carputer and took it out and fixed it and when I replaced it I reversed 2 of the wires..... So I had to buy a new M2-ATX ok I have that and put it in and made sure the polarity on the wires where right and started the car... but it didn't turn on.. so I check the power coming from the acc and the 12V line, yup there both around 12v so I figure maybe I have them backwards so I switched the ACC and PWR line, it starts right up when I turn on the car. Ok sweet, but I turn off the car and drops all power like pulling the plug, so I put the wires back in there right place and nothing... Hm... I'm getting frustrated I know a lil about electricity but sometimes it's just magic to me. could someone please point me in the right direction?

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    And what is the voltage on the constant wire when the car is off? Still 12v? Is it fused somewhere? because it needs to draw a lot of power, so a blown fuse would mean no go, but if the fuse still had a bit of metal it could send a few mA, and that is all it needs for the remote so maybe that is why it turned on.

    That does seem weird. But my guess would be on the 12v constant line. Because the computer powered up fine using the ignition source as the constant source, that leads me to believe it is fine. The 12v constant source is the mystery. Check that closely.
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