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Thread: Wiring a power switch

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    Question Wiring a power switch

    Can someone suggest the best solution to my requirements. I plan to solder a switch in line between the ignition and the startup/shutdown controller allowing me to switch the pc off without turning off the ignition. What I really want is a three way switch, allowing me to run the pc:
    1. As normal (on and off with the ignition)
    2. Manually off (when I leave the car with a mechanic etc)
    3. Manually on (if i'm parked up but want to use it)

    I could wire a 3 way switch with the ignition into one side and the battery direct into the other but I would also like to use it for recording from a webcam in 'dodgy' car parks etc. and I'm concerned it might drain the battery
    VIA M10000
    512Mb RAM
    30Gb 2.5" HDD
    Bluetooth, 802.11g, GPS
    Silverstone USB DAC
    Consult (ODB)
    CarTFT K500
    Carnetix P1290
    NLited XP with Road Runner and MapMonkey

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    Try a search, it's been discussed here somewhere.

    Sounds like you have it fairly well in hand though......
    Thats pretty much how I would do it, but I'm more of an "analog" kinda guy!



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    The three switch logic works- connection one accessory to PSU, connection two from battery to PSU, connection three open to PSU.

    As for draining your battery, that will really depend on your power consumption (the calculator in the FAQ is pretty decent). If you want to do that, I'd recommend a tank circuit.

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