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Thread: Psu \ speakers buzzing(HELLP)

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    Psu \ speakers buzzing(HELLP)

    heyz guys,,, been reading on this forum for a while, and finaly got around to building a carpc, only prob so far is that when the pc psu has power running thro it the speakers start buzzing, even if the pc it self is of and rcas are disconnected. im using standard atx powersupply and inverter,,

    does any 1 know how to fix the problem,?

    any help is much appreciated

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    Where have you got the audio lines routed?

    If they're anywhere near the PSU, move them.

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    try grounding ur power inverter to a different location, mine did the same thing and that fixed it right up... Do you have it plugged into the cigarette lighter?

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    thanx for the help guys.. problem ended up being , that the inverter was to close 2 the amp,, so i moved it to the back seat and about 90% of the sound went away, so all good.

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    Another problem could also be that the gain on your amps are too high if your computer is ran directly to them bypassing a headunit.

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