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Thread: ace-865v- How many acces can it take?

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    ace-865v- How many acces can it take?

    Okay let me start by saying that I do not have a degree in electrical engineering. However, I was curious as to how many accessories that you could plug up to an AT mobo with a 70w ps. I want to put LCD, touch screen, gps serial, usb accs, pci sound, dvd/cdrom. Is this too much. Is there a way that I can calculate the watts needed for all of the accessories?
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    Most everything you mentioned should have a power rating stamped on it by the power input. It will tell you how many watts the "accessory" is pulling. you simply add all the wattages together, and make sure the total does not exceed 70 watts.

    if you don't know the power (wattage) rating of an accessory, you can very easilly calculate it with a multi testor.

    P = (I^2)R
    P = Power (in watts)
    I = current (in amps)
    R = resistance (in ohms)

    when your accessory is running, set your mulitmeter to test for current. disconnect the accessory from the battery, and connect the two leads from the mulitmeter... one to the battery, and the other to the accessory. That's the amount of current you're pulling.. thats the amps. Lets say it's 1 amp.

    take away the battery alltogether, and set your multimeter to read resistance. (ohms). connect the two to the positive terminal, and one to the negative terminal. This is your resisatance value. lets say you get 10 ohms.

    calculate the wattage of the accessory by multiplying (I^2)R.
    1 * 1 * 10 = 10 watts.

    and that is all.



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