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Thread: Amp not powering on

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    Amp not powering on

    Hey, ive had my car set up for about half a year and its been working fine. Yesterday the amp cut out whilst i was driving along. I checked the connection terminals and they were all ok.

    This morning i have changed the terminals for the power and the earth and replaced them, i have also removed and made new connections for the remote wire.

    The amp still isnt powering on, how ever there is power coming from the battery to the amp because when i touch the power lead against the power terminal on the amp the subwoofer bumps when the power goes through it

    It seems as tho the amp isnt being told to turn on even though the remote lead is connected

    Has anyone got any ideas what might be the problem with the amp?



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    Check your RCA cables, behind your deck and on the amp, given the fact that your speaker thumps when power is applied tells me that the RCA's could be faulty. Also check the fuses on your amp. Another way to check and see if it is the remote wire is to put a jumperwire from the positive terminal on the amp and the remote terminal. The amp should turn on this way.

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