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Thread: Wiring Diagram

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    Wiring Diagram

    Hi can anyone point me towards some links detailing various wiring diagrams.

    Basically I'm after the best route I should take for power / ground / Acc Turn On cabling...

    I've tried searching, but cant find anything close to what I'm after. Perhaps is so easy & basic, no ones ever asked such question.

    I remember something in the FAQ section a while back, but now I cant find it.

    My setup btw is:

    AMP + 2 Speakers + Sub
    Car Battery

    I've got the audio + speakers + laptop connections sorted. Just connecting it to the inverter + battery + acc ign bits are things I'm unsure of.


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    You should post what the model and make of your car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by macmini View Post
    You should post what the model and make of your car.

    Wiring diagrams are specific to your vehicle. They are different for every make/model of a car generally.

    But for power, go directly from the battery through your firewall to the inverter. For ground, use any good metal spot.
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    I was really after a basic layout which I can take and adapt.

    Here is my plan, I just dont know if its the best way to do it or not, or if I'm mising / overlooking something. I suppose I'm after some verification.

    From the diagram you'll notice I have no fuse and that the AMP is directly connected to the battery, is this thes best thing to do or should I connect everything to the inverter?

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