Hey all,

I am relocating one of the controllers in my car, and need some confirmation on my idea, or a reason why it won't work that I haven't thought of.

The board (pictured below) sends signals to the Driver Information Center to display things like speed, coolant temp, warnings, etc. to the LCD display under the gauges. I want to relocate the board, and re-wire it so it has 6" leads coming off the board to nice momentary switches located someplace else (console). Right now, they are soldered directly to the board, 2 connections for each switch on the back, 5 switches in all). The guts of my radio have the same type of switches to change bands, etc. May want to relocate some of those too!

My question is: Are all Normally Open momentary switches the same? How can I tell if it is NO or NC (99% sure it is normally open, sends a pulse when it closes the circut like a MB switch, I think).

Will it work or am I going to fry my ECM?

TY for your help!