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Thread: Non-English characters

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    Non-English characters

    hi 0l33l,

    I've just installed NaviVoice and it works great!
    You've really done an outstanding job! good work!

    I have one problem which I hope you can help me solve:
    I'm using mapmonkey as my car navigation system and
    I had it modified to work in hebrew (I have the maps,
    skin,keyboard etc all displaying hebrew ok), so I would
    like to "teach" NaviVoice hebrew as well.
    My question is how do I make NaviVoice send the hebrew
    char to mapmonkey (or any other app for that matter)?
    For example I've inserted to the xml file the entry
    <p val="470">alef</p> (alef is the first letter in hebrew)
    and in the event log of navi it shows that is gets recognized
    when I say 'alef'.
    What do I do next? What needs to be done to make NaviVoice
    send windows the character (ASCII code 224)?

    Thanks for your help

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    Hmmm.... this is a hard one. The problem is that keys aren't configurable in NaviVoice yet. BUT you can create very simple macros that will send the key. So put "alef" into the XML file and configure the key in the config utility. Hopefully that should work

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