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Thread: need help with hisssing and humming noise

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    need help with hisssing and humming noise


    when i test the mic (logitech noice canelling) through microphone wizard the playback gives me horrible quality ("this papaya tastes perfect")...I hear alot of hissssss and computer humming noise and I think this is the reason my computer has a hard time understanding me...Do you or anyone else know how to correct this...I think navivoice will work flawlessly once I resolve this issue...btw great software man...I just wanted to know how well it works with your home setup because i know your probably not done with the lexputer yet...
    97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
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    Freetech MoBo
    DSATX 220W
    512 MB ram
    200 GB Maxtor harddrive
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    Iguidance 2.1
    EZSync 1.94

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