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Thread: Closing the views

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    Closing the views

    This app takes the cake!

    I have been looking for something like this for 2 years so i could communicate with my computer without wreaking my car.

    I have had no real problems with setting up or running this app even with my little knowledge of programming, but i have ran into a problem with the "views".

    When running iGuidance and 'enter recent' , 'enter favorites' or any of the others 'views'.... how do i close them? I'm sure theres an easy answer, but i can't figure it.

    One last question.. Is there anything I can read or study that would make it easier understanding and writing the ini files?

    Great Work, keep it up!
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    Some users have posted their INI files, etc.

    For closing the windows, keep on saying escape.

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