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    Been tinkering with this little gem, NaviVoice, for a few days. I use in-truck GPS for work and play. And man, this baby works great on my home machine. Got a mic ordered for the truck. I've got a good handle by now on nRoute's (and MapSource, they're sister programs) keystroke dance (er, I don't use any of the software this is customized for, iG, RR, FP, none of 'em). But problem: I've maxed out the macro space (name300-name399). Any place else I can put macros?

    Since the SAPI engine learns basically the core of the english language, the possibilities for command permutations are, well, I could easily see thousands of lines of value naming... after awhile. I might lose the mouse in the truck somewhere and not know it for days.

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    damn! that's a lot of commands. There's like a few more hidden around in the XML file, but I'd have to update NV to add more. I should have more time after first semester (which ends in a week).

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