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Thread: Navigating IGuidance

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    I'm sorry to keep bugging you. But I guess if you answer my questions maybe someone else won't have to ask them later? (I'm an optimist!)

    Here is why I'm confused. In NaviVoice.XML is the following line:

    <p val="537">G P S mode</p>

    There is no other reference to "537" in NaviVoice.xml or in the INI file. So there seems to be a disconnect (more going on than what is apparent) somwhere in the program logic that I am not understanding.

    When the person speaks, "G P S mode" I assume the program looks in the XML file and finds the xml statement assigned to number 537. From there, I would have expected there to be additional xml statmements telling the program exactly what it should do. I expected to see XML statements (with a 537 suffix) that told the program what window should have focus, what buttons should be selected, etc. But none of that exists in the INI file or in the XML file.

    So...was I correct in assuming that your program actually has the logic for processing "GPS MODE" and that its not merely just looking up a voice command in the XML file, finding the associated macro, and then executing it?

    Are the numbers (537, 545, etc) in the XML file arbitrary numbers or is there some prescribed numbering scheme that SAPI needs?
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    537... its a command for a front end. It doesn't have a entree in the INI file because the acutal command is hard coded. BUT you can add a voice command with the appropriate number, and it will say what you put into the voice command.

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